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Industrial gear oil problems & solutions

Gear Oil can generally be divided into automative gear oil and industrial gear oil.  The first one is used to lubricate the various automobile manual transmission drive shaft and gear. The industrial gear oil is for lubrication of metallurgy, coal, cement and chemical industry and other industrial gear units.

  Hereby we mainly talk about the industrial gear oil's frequently encountered problems and improvement measuresgear oil filtration solution

**  The role of gear oil in the gear transmission

1.  Reducing gears, and other wear of moving parts and extend gear lifetime.

2.  To reduce friction, reducing power losses

3.  Disperse heat, play a certain role in cooling.

4.  Prevent corrosion and rust.

5.  Reduce work noise, vibrations and gear reduction of impact.

6.  Flush dirt, especially rushed to tooth surface dirt, reducing wear.

** Industrial gear oil's commonly encountered problems in application and improvement measures.

A.  Gear corrosion problems

Possible causes:

- Lack of corrosion inhibitor, oil containing water,

- oil oxidation produces acidic substances,

- oil is in poor quality.

Improving measures:

- add antirust T705 OR T746,

- regular cutting water

- replace high quality lubricants

B. Gear pair with overheating

Possible causes:

- Too much oil in the fuel tank or inadequate gear and oil;

- Lubricating oil viscosity is too high;

- Load too high or gearbox shell dust accumulation effects of heat release

Improving measures:

- Control the amount of fuel;

- Reduce oil viscosity;

- Improve the quality of oil level;

- Cleaning and environmental hygiene

C. Tooth surface scratches rippling, peeling,Tooth surface gluing and tooth surface abrasive wear

Possible causes:

- High tooth surface temperature, oil film rupture

- Oil viscosity is too low, the tooth surface finish, hosting is too high

- Tooth surface roughness, poor gear pair meshing, cold starting

- Metal wear debris or other mechanical impurities

Improving measures:

- Replace heavy duty L-CKD oil, keeping oil sulfur content

- Improve teeth surface finish, phosphorus content in cleaning oil

- Improving Assembly quality, low temperature preheating prior to commencement of oil

- Clean oil change gear box

Industrial gear oil getting dirty & polluted mainly caused by mechanical impurity, water content (emulsification) or oil lubrication low. Particulate contamination may be brought during the gear box cleaning process, remained the scrap metal or external pollutants.   Therefore, the gear oils should be periodically purified, cleaned, filtered, or replaced.

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