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Notices for Maintenance and Operation on Oil Filtration Machine

A good habit of operation and correct procedure is quite good for oil filtration machines you are using. It can help you run the machine without any troubles for long time and save more maintenance costs and repairing costs. Here are some notices when operation for your reference.  

Notes When Operation    
(1).   Note the vacuum pump oil of vacuum pump which can be showed by the oil scale, oil level should be upto the middle of observe hole on the vacuum pump. If vacuum pump oil contains too much water, pls change instantly.     
(2).   If there is too much water in cooler condensor when running, pls discharge the water instantly.    
(3).   Often note the change of pressure gauge value. When the pressure is more than 0.3Mpa, clean the filter elements or change filter parts.    
(4).  The primary filter and secondary filter elements should be periodically cleaned to keep clean avoid jamming which cause the quantity of inlet oil is insufficient or high pressure. We suggest checking them once 6 months.    
(5).  Note whether the sound of pumps and related motors is normal. If there are abnormal phenomena, pls resolve instantly. (6).  If the machine is not used, pls exhaust the rest oil and let the machine standby for next time usage.  

  Periodically Maintenance and Operation for Oil Filtration Machines-FuooTech
Periodically Maintenance can help you solve many potential serious problems from the machine while it's operated for some periods specially for more than one year.


1. After a certain period of running, the machine should be checked whether:    
a) The electrical control system is safe and reliable;    
b) The temperature controller is sensitive, reliable and accurate;    
c) Oil seals of the pump shaft are broken with leakage;   
d) There is any blockage with the running system and any abnormal noise with pumps or related motors;    
e) There is any air leakage or oil leakage with the oil running system and at sealing joints.    
f) Oil level control is reliable.    

2. After each 3000 hours’ running, grease shall be replenished to prevent motors from being burnt.
3. Special vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil N46 should be used for the vacuum pump and oil replaced or replenished if necessary at any time.    
4. If the machine will not be used over 1 month, Place the machine in a dry environment with the panel door and all valves closed, and the machine proper protected by a covering.  


Especially in Summer and hot days, careful maintenance is strongly done and pay attentions to all the important notices from our professional engineers & manuals.    

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