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Vehicle gear oil

Ordinary vehicle gear oil SH0350-92 standards in line with the technical requirements. Has good anti-wear, rust, corrosion and low temperature performance, low temperature to ensure the normal start. Vehicle load gear oil in line with the state tentatively scheduled for the technical conditions. In the case of larger load, extreme pressure and have excellent abrasion resistance, lubricity, oxidation stability, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-bullous. Heavy-duty vehicles in line with the gear oil BF13896-92 standard technical requirements. In the heavy load, impact load, the oil can be good lubricity, extreme pressure anti-wear, rust, and oxidation stability, anti-emulsification. Available: CLC, CLD, CLE-type vehicles a variety of viscosity grade gear oil. 

In the load, heavy duty gear oil for automotive vehicle rear axle hypoid gear lubrication of gears and gearbox. The product has excellent extreme pressure lubrication and abrasion resistance, can withstand high-speed low-torque, low speed high torque and high-speed impact loading conditions, to prevent abrasion and wear gear. Have excellent oxidation stability to reduce the sediment and the generation of film. There are excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust and anti-bullous. This product is used in accordance with the requirements of different viscosity and divided into 85W/90, 85W/140 vehicle load gear oil and 85W/90, 85W/140 Gear Oil Heavy Duty Vehicles

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